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Universities express concern about the Innovation Council (EIC)

Universities express concern about the Innovation Council (EIC)

Universities express concern about the Innovation Council (EIC)

By Ingemar Pongratz


We and others have followed the European Commission plans to launch the European Innovation Council. This new structure is going to be established to support European Innovators and Entrepreneurs to find funding for projects which will to create economic growth and new jobs in Europe.

The European Innovation Council idea is currently being discussed and the general idea is that this Council will support entrepreneurs identify suitable funding opportunities. In addition, the plans include an interesting evaluation strategy where projects from SME will receive support from the EIC to navigate the European funding arena to find financial support. Earlier stakeholders representing the Academic sector expressed general support for the EIC but expressed concern for the funding of the EIC. In particular, the concern was that the EIC would dilute funding already allocated to the Horizon 2020 research and innovation scheme.

Science|Business reports that Academic stakeholders recently have published a joint statement in April 2016 where Universities express concern about the Innovation Council (EIC) funding and urges the European Commission to safeguard the Horizon 2020 funding scheme.

The statement correctly points out that Horizon 2020 is already oversubscribed and displays very low success rates. The statement argues against the EIC having a policy role and suggests instead that by public, academic and business experts should lead the EIC.

Obviously, the discussion will be very interesting to follow and hopefully the voice of European SME owners and entrepreneurs will also be heard and taken into consideration.

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