Nov 10

New EU Project Possibilities

New EU Project Possibilities

By Ingemar Pongratz

The European Commission has recently officially published new Work Programmes in several different areas of Horizon 2020. There are many interesting topics with all areas (Societal Challenges, Leadership in Enabling Industrial Technologies (LEIT), there are new topics in the SME-Instrument instrument and other areas such as Communication etc.

In addition, other funding schemes are also open for applications, such as ERASMUS +, LIFE + Health and CONSUMER programmes so it is clear that there are a large number of possibilities for organizations and enterprises to participate and apply for funding for different projects.

There are several interesting news that will affect EU project proposer. The European Commission has for example reduced the overalll number of Two Stage Proposals in several Work Programmes and re-introduced the One Stage Proposal scheme in both the Health Priority and in the FOOD priority. This change will create a lot of work for project proposal and for developers to start early with the application process.

This change back to the One Stage process is interesting and may in fact be beneficial for proposers. The fact that applicants are required to submit One Stage proposals will lead to a major reduction in submission and may therefore increase the overall success rate, and while the amount of work that the applicants will have put in the proposal development will increase, the chances for funding will also increase.

The extremely low success rate in Horizon 2020 has already created a high degree of concern among applicants and European Commission. Hopefully this new (old) approach will improve the current situation.

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Stockholm Evening by Ingemar Pongratz

Stockholm Evening by Ingemar Pongratz



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